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houseLakesideCoding Apr 2, 2024

How to improve your website's performance?

From optimizing visuals to refining code structure, discover practical tips to elevate your site's speed, accessibility, and user experience.

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houseLakesideCoding Mar 5, 2024

What is responsive web design?

What happens when potential customers visit your site on a mobile device and find a jumbled mess of tiny text and misplaced images? This is where responsive design comes into play.

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houseLakesideCoding Feb 19, 2024

How to measure your website's performance?

Measuring your website's performance is essential for ensuring a positive user experience, driving conversions, and improving search engine rankings. Tools like Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights provide valuable insights and recommendations for optimization.

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houseLakesideCoding Dec 17, 2023

10 Common Web Design Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your SEO

Learn how to avoid common web design pitfalls that may be hindering your website's SEO performance. From poor site structure to slow loading times, this guide covers key mistakes that small to medium-sized business owners often overlook.

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houseLakesideCoding Nov 8, 2023

Optimizing your website for local SEO: A small business owner's guide

How local SEO and Google Maps can transform your online presence, attracting more customers right to your doorstep.

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houseLakesideCoding Sep 5, 2023

How to build a business website? Web design tips for beginners

Ready to build your business website? Our beginner-friendly guide offers web design tips to help you create a site that not only looks great but also attracts visitors, engages customers, and drives conversions.

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